Apr 1, 2017

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All You Need To Know About Business

Business rent room is one of the business worlds and encountered, particularly in the major cities of Indonesia. Why not? The increased urbanization of society Indonesia became one of the main reasons business development rent rooms.Like business in General, business rent room also requires specific strategies in order to be profitable and continues to grow. Here are some tips that can be followed:

-Define your target market : The target market is an important point when wanting to start a business, as well as the business rent room. The target market is the desired market segment where the targeted market segment to be consumers of your business. On rent room, any business options market segment, i.e. college students, Office workers, expatriates (foreigners) or family.Each market segment has strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you want to target your student, you should be ready for late payments or cash, the furniture less awake, but the benefits, they will be more flexible and easy to set up. Weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each market segment, and customize to your personal preference.

Adjust the locations of the target market: After determining your target market, you have to specify the location of the rent room business. Suppose you have a market segment, i.e. employees. Means it must find a property near the Office environment. Other than in accordance with the target market, the business location must also be strategic in all fields.One of the factors that influence its business rent room is transportation, make sure that the location you are close to renting room base taxi stops or bus way. Markets or shopping centers can also be used as a consideration because the closer You are, the more rent room business selling location that rent a room.

-Preferred the comfort and security of Your boarding place: Rent room is a temporary residence for migrants, therefore, convenience and security should be the main one. Factors that favor the convenience of rent room is hygiene, air vents, lighting supports, while security can be determined by the intense care and the environment where rent room.It should be noted that the security and convenience can be maintained if there is the cooperation of rent room. If they keep the place well, then rent rooms rent room will be managed. For that, you must make a selection before accepting the child’s identity as well as rent business, know their purpose of rent room.Do a quick interview to ask their personal information. Residents of rent room can determine the image of the place, in the eyes of the surrounding environment.

Compete in terms of price!P: Be wise with the price. Usually, live in a budget potluck and the price is not affordable will make rent room is not interesting. You can determine the rents ranging from the facilities offered by rent room, for example, are equipped with AIR CONDITIONING or not, the bedroom is the bathroom accompanied or not, the length of the building, as well as the location.No need with the price that is too low, because you need money to refit or keeping the comfort of rent room. One of the ways that can be done is to do a survey to some place other boarders to find out the market price.After that, adjust the price of the market to rent rooms, if the market price is reasonable, then you can use the market price as the cost of rent room.

-Give added value : Added value can be an attraction alone to rent a roomand the value added is not always determined by the physical (condition of the buildings and locations) rent room only. For example, you can provide on-site lunch or dinner.This facility can help them save money on consumption. Or the other option, you can provide free internet service (Wi-Fi). With extra services, you can be more superior than their fellow competitors.

Funding is not the problem : The limitations of funding are not the problem. You can still start a business with limited funds to rent a room. One way is to work together with friends, in addition to the funds that are lighter, the burden and responsibility of running a business easier. You can also ask the loan capital to the bank provided that the borrowed money is used effectively.

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Apr 1, 2017

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Social Media Can Save Your Business, This Is the Reason

Business is often likened to a wheel-like rotating. Sometimes there was a time when he was victorious at the top, and there is also the time when down because businesses are gloomy.When you are a perpetrator of an offline business was having a dismal time, certainly now was thinking hard to raise your business back to top.Well, one way you can do is maximize the role of social media. In fact, it is likely your business that threatened the roll mat can bounce back. Be aware of the following reviews:

 Social Media entry into the private sphere of your customers

When advertising in the print media and television is too expensive, then promotion through social media can be an alternative. In addition to cheaper, social media can also enter your customer’s private space.Because, with increasingly sophisticated technology and the growth of internet users, users of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter are also getting bigger.The Internet is also able to reach out to all walks of life, even those who rarely read media newspapers, magazines or television, though.

Customers can buy because of social media

With good content and social media right, someone could just make the buying decision. The reason, social media marketing can do that much more attractive than other conventional media.One can compare one product and other products, obtain complete information can even find out how other people’s reactions to a product. In addition, the support of an expert or someone who is influential in social media is also able to enhance the credibility of a brand.When you have a budget to use the social media artists, the chance of success of product sales could be increased.

Consumers and producers can interact directly

Social media is a great tool when you want to increase customer trust. Because through social media, you can interact directly with the customers.Customers can provide feedback directly regarding products and services that they want. While you as a manufacturer could receive valuable input for product development in the future.When you can leverage social media properly, it is not impossible either name your product will spread quickly. Because that is, the characteristics of social media users. They tend to share information and knowledge they have about anything, including a product.

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